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ALTTC (Advanced Telecom Training Centre), Ghaziabad, an Apex Training Centre of BSNL under the ministry of communication of India is going to conduct online vocational training for students to Bridge the gap between Industry and Academia from 18th May, 2020 at ALTTC, BSNL, Ghaziabad. ALTTC, BSNL, Ghaziabad is also centre of Excellence of ITU (Geneva) in the priority areas of Wireless and Fixed Broadband, IoT and Cybersecurity.

The ongoing Coronavirus crisis, that’s wreaking havoc around the world, is leading us to make changes, big changes, in all walks of life. Because that’s what we do, as humans — we learn, we adapt, and we keep moving. One such area that’s witnessing change is education /Training and coaching and hence we are also going to conduct Online vocational training programmes.

You will agree that there is a need to bridge the gap between Industry and Academia. As the world steps into a new decade, in India with a favourable demographic dividend and an increasing percentage of youth in the workforce, the potential for growth and development is at its highest but it is also true that India is facing a massive skill gap problem with hundreds of engineers graduating every year but only a few possessing the skills required in the industry now. How can our engineers be trained for future jobs? Skilling offers long-lasting solutions on many fronts, the most significant of them being employment generation. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Digitization and Analytics are changing paradigms in every industry.

To bridge the gap between academia and Industry, earlier ALTTC (Advanced Telecom Training Centre), Ghaziabad, has organized conventional offline face to face summer training, winter training and project training to students of engineering colleges (In ECE/IT/Civil/Electrical/Mechanical) to help them become job-ready. This year whole world is experiencing a very difficult situation due to COVID-19 pandemic. In this difficult time, our prime concern is to protect the health of our community. But there is also a need for more technology intervention, and the need to close the gap between the supply of skills and the demand, at every level.

Hence this year we are going to organize online training for students which contains theory classes followed by videos and job adds so they can experience practical aspects also. Kindly refer our online vocational training brochures attached with this letter for details and for more details kindly visit our website

In view of the above, your institute requests to kindly communicate to your students for Vocational training who want to undergo online VT that will help them to be job-ready.