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All B.Tech students of PCE Purnea and GEC Kishanganj are to be informed that attend the online e-learning classes regularly. You all required to download the “Zoom cloud meeting” application from Google Play Store for online live lectures with the concern faculty. Same time table will be followed for online classes also. You have to learn it online through e-learning platform only. Same topics are not going to repeat again after the lockdown period. It will be treated as your completion of semester syllabus. Physical lectures (Chalk and talk) will not be happen in the classroom for the same lectures that has already conducted online on whatsapp group or website. Due to COVID-19 all lectures will be conducted through e-learning platform only and it will be treated as your completion of syllabus for ongoing semester. Attend your classes regularly and be attentive in e-learning online classes. Submit your assignment timely. Internal assessment will reflect your final score. You can download the “Zoom cloud meetings” application from given below link.

PCE Purnea
GEC Kishanganj